gray sweater and jeans

this is the winter-version of my grey t-shirt and jeans post.

the look: for a gray-sweater-and-jeans kind of day.... make-up that adds some color to my look…. fun colors like green and blue and purple on the eyes with a nude lips

skin: in this cold dry winter air i have only been using tinted moisturizer.... on the apples of my cheeks i brushed a light icy pink blush.

brows: defined brows without making them look too hard.... using medium brown eye shadow to fill them in. with an angled brow brush i made sure to draw a clean line along the bottom and finished them with brow gel.

eyes: mac, juxt... a light green on the movable lid and along the bottom lashes. when i use non-skin-like colors i like to blend them at the edges with a nudeish tone. that is also what i did here. at the inner sides of the lid i loosely brushed a light shimmering pink. for my eyes i don't like a strong eyeliner without defining my crease... using a brush with a pencil-shaped tip, i drew a light brown arch along my brow bone and blended it with a blending brush and a small amout of medium brown. to connect the outer end of the arch to the corner of my eye i swept on mac, swimming. now the liquid eyeliner... shimmering bright blue with the cat-eye swoosh. to the bottom edge of the swoosh i also added a little line of purple. black mascara for soft lashes. i still didn't feel like it looked... finished.... so i added highlights on the inner half of my bottom lid.

lips: to not add eeeven more color to this look i chose a sheer-nude lipgloss and lined only the top lip with mac, pro longwear lip pencil, electra.

have fun

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