to my lovely ladies....

the other day... in bangkok... sitting in my windowless room (one of the phobias i have overcome during my vagabonding adventures)... hearing the base of 50 cent's "candy shop" blasting from the  bar next door... i got the most lovely message from my oldest friend ("oldest" as in, we have known each other our entire lives). her familiar, kind, encouraging words made the tears roll down my cheeks.

some friends (like her) will always be there, always understand you, and never feel like strangers, even if you don't see or talk to them in a looooong time and both your lives have changes a looooot since you last spoke. just knowing that i have a couple of lovely ladies like that makes me feel very fortunate and is... incredibly comforting.

so this is a "thank you" to caro for her message...... and to aaaaall my lovely ladies (you know who you are): "even though we are not able to do lambrusco-evenings / make-up-parties / heals-in-snow-nights / cup-and-saucer-breakfasts / weekly-susheln / sissi-marathons / good-old-girl-talk(!), i love you and you are always in my thoughts".

vang vieng, laos... photos by shay lee nissim

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