bye bye comfort-zone

yesterday i moved to shanghai.... china. (that's the reason for the lack of posts lately.... sooooorry. but moving your life to the other side of the world is raaaather time intensive,)

i wrote the following text one beautiful morning, a couple of weeks ago......

this morning i had that moment… that moment when you realize you found something and you have to let it go. and you have to find something new all over again(don't worry i am not getting all lovy-dovy on you….) i am talking about myself. i feel like i found myself… my new-york-self. i always knew i belonged here. (i hate saying that because it sounds so cliché but that's how it is….. shoot me.) of course, it took me my new-york-self some time to get born. to be comfortable in the city... with my friends..... and myself. i realized a couple of weeks ago that i am… comfortable. comfort is a luxury (sorry for being all poetic and shit… just writing down hat is poping up in my head. (a rare moment... that i can even hold to my thoughts long enough... to  realize them and let them out. and i veeery rarely share them.) anyway, now i am leaving my comfort zone (i am know to push people outside of theeeeir comfort zone) i believe in it and now it is my turn.... to leave my new york and find myself some where else. i am looking forward to who i will become.

what ever time or comfort zone you are in..... have fun!

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